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Samsung smart switch is a software package that allows you to make things the transfer service, all your applications and data from your old computer to your new system SetupThe for downloading and installing the tool is very simple and it is about computers and Windows and Macintosh. For connection, switch to the official website of the Chief of the Samsung smart. Download real connections (Windows or Mac) and run the file. After closing, in the apartment of flying alone by default. Easily connect your phone in the Galaxy. The apartment is very useful for synchronizing SMS chat and other common content does not need to be synchronized with the service cloud. The application helps you to transfer and iPhone in the Galaxy Android-powered phone. If you don’t call in the Galaxy, you can still use the application for download and (labor () {(“overview of app-page-desktop”);}); Smart switches, Samsung FlexibilityWith, again you have to get a different type. Almost every type of file, such as images, videos, texts, sounds, etc., you can move. Application switch is also compatible with Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices. Also, you can export the data in several different ways: kiwailesi, via cable or applications on the desktop. The application works with all versions of Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. As iOS, iOS support starting five, which is very interesting and almost all iPhone users to new versions of iOS.

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